Robot Perception Group - August 2016

The Edinburgh Robot Perception Group is part of the School of Informatics in the University of Edinburgh. Our research is focused on perception methods for localization and manipulation. We also research on whole-body motion planning and locomotion. The group is led by Dr. Maurice Fallon.


Recent News:

  • January 2017: In Spring 2017, the Robot Perception Group will move to University of Oxford where it will become part of the Oxford Robotics Institute.
  • January 2017: We will have 2 publications at ICRA 2017:
    • M. Camurri, M. Fallon, S. Bazeille, A. Radulescu, V. Barasuol, D. G. Caldwell and C. Semini, Probabilistic Contact Estimation and Impact Detection for State Estimation of Quadruped Robots. In collaboration with DLS Group in IIT (Genoa), also accepted for RA-L.
    • S. Nobili, R. Scona, M. Caravagna and M. Fallon, Automatic ICP-Tuning for Robust Localization of a Humanoid Robot. Demonstration video.
  • December 2016: A short package delivery demo, with an autonomous and seasonal twist!
  • August 2016: Journal Paper describing MIT’s DRC approach. Pat Marion et al. Director: A User Interface Designed for Robot Operation With Shared Autonomy. Journal of Field Robotics, Accepted to appear, 2016. pdf. Online version from publisher.
  • Jan 2016: A team of 6 of us including PhD students Wolfgang Merkt and Marco Caravagna have been training with the robot at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. Some photos are here. The robot will come to Edinburgh in early Spring 2016.
  • December 2015: It has been announced that MIT and Northeastern University will host two other copies of the Valkyrie robot from NASA. We are delighted to continue our collaborations. We have been busily preparing for our training at Johnson Space Center in Houston in January 2016.
  • November 2015: Our paper demonstrating continuous walking with stereo fusion has won the Best Paper Award (Oral) at Humanoids 2015! This work was a collaboration with the MIT DRC team and Tom Whelan and John McDonald at the University of Maynooth. Download the pdf
  • August 2015: Marco Camurri of the IIT’s Dynamic Legged Systems Lab is visiting to integrate Pronto with the HyQ quadruped robot.
  • June 2015: MIT DRC finished in 6th place in the DARPA Robotics Challenge. Our team put in a huge effort and just came up short with tiny issues effecting our great system. It was an honour to be involved.
  • November 2014: We’ve open sourced the MIT state estimator – now called Pronto. Its not specific to humanoids and builds upon a very reliable IMU process model EKF.
  • July 2014: Our submission to the JFR special issue on the DRC Trails has been accepted. The original submission can be found here.
  • December 2013: We just competed in the 2nd stage of the Darpa Robotics Challenge in Homestead in Florida. After a grueling week under the sun we finished 4th out of a field of 16 from around the world. The competition demonstrated significant advances in the capability of humanoid robots to do the work of humans. There’s lots of details about the competition and about our team. This is the MIT team leads and I getting our award from DARPA PM Gill Pratt.
  • May 2013: Hordur Johannsson’s PhD research was nominated for a best student award at ICRA 2013. The paper was entitled ‘Temporally Scalable Visual SLAM using a Reduced Pose Graph’ and is works with a dataset about an order of magnitude larger than previous work and in doing so solves some important scalability problems.