I am interested in working with students and researchers in projects related to:

  • Multi-sensor Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping (SLAM)
  • Visual manipulation
  • Whole-body motion planning, with a focus towards humanoid systems.

Of particular interest are projects related to our state-of-the-art humanoid platform: the NASA Valkyrie. The project will involve collaborating with NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Project webpage.

Postgraduate Studies (MSc or PhD)

These are the most common routes for applying (in order):

  • Centre for Robotics MSc/PhD Program: This is a joint 4 year MSc/PhD program (1+3 years) with a deadline in January. It is jointly run with with Heriot-Watt University. There are about 10 positions annually. More information.
  • Data Science MSc/PhD Program: This has the same format but focuses on Data Science. More information.
  • University of Edinburgh PhD Program: This is the typical 3 or 3.5 year PhD program with deadlines in December and March.
  • University of Edinburgh MSc Program: This is a one year taught program with a summer research project. It can led into the PhD program afterwards. More information.

NB: it is very common for PhD studies to be funded by either our CDT program or through University sources. Accepted students typically will not pay fees and will receive a tax-free grant/stipend for living expenses (currently about £14,000). In the UK a PhD is typically a full-time position. For more background information on doing a PhD see here.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

The following fellowship schemes commonly fund UK and European researchers:

Interested candidates should contact me to suggest the most appropriate application route and potential projects.